All about size



Our “Naked” plants are all planted in Biodegradable pots ( Why? )

- 4 inch: 3 7/8"H. x 3 7/8"W. x 3 3/4"D (slightly smaller due to shrinkage)

- 6 inch: 6"H. x 6"W. x 5"D

Decor/designed plants’ size are depends on planter size


Dream pot

- circle:

- shallow: 6"H. x 6"W. x 3"D

Thirty-three clays

Each and every piece is uniquely handcrafted, sizes are all estimated in product detail pages

Plant care products:

Supplement 01

- 50g: sprinkle 1-2 spoons on the surface of the soil once a month.

Anti insect 01

- 100ml: spray on leaves biweekly to prevent / 1-2 times a week for existing disease.


- All soil will be packed in 2 quarts in volume, which is good for one 6in or two to three 4in plants. The package will come with biodegradable pots if you select the corresponding option

- Instruction here

- Planter materials:

Glazed clay pot/ nursery pot: These pots are good at remaining moisture. A relevantly chunky & airy soil blend helps airflow in root systems and supports plant health.

Unglazed clay pot: The material's porous nature allows water and air to go through smoothly, so it requires a certain portion of moisture retainer in the soil.

Biodegradable pot: Biodegradable pots are made of natural materials which can be fully composted. They dry out fast and allow roots to breathe. A soil formula containing a relevantly great amount of moisture retainer is required when it goes with biodegradable pots.