Ti Tree planter collection is carefully selected from worldwide individual crafters. We pick breathable materials and distinctive designs not only to give the plants comfortable homes but also to be a highlight of your home presentations.

Thirty-three clays

Thirty-three clays is a small batch contemporary pottery studio created by He. The Chinese local artist applied the art and graphic design background to explore carving ceramics. Each and every piece is uniquely handcrafted. As time passes by and natural hand motions flow, the organic components of the texture are revealed gradually. To keep the perfect imperfection from the raw material and processing, most pieces stay in the natural color of the clay and are unglazed, while some are highlighted slightly with splashes or metallic paint.

Dream Pot

This series of milk-white in Classico smooth form reminds a soft, warm feel, and they go well with most plants. The color may deepen after watering and will return to its original when dry out.