Biodegradable pots


Biodegradable pots are made of natural materials which can be fully composted. They will eventually become a part of soil and leave no trace on the earth.

Why are we doing this

- Worrying about traditional plastic nursery pots going to landfills is a pain in our back, so we turned to this fabulously eco-friendly potting container. Over and above, biodegradable pots provide a more cozy home for root systems. It’s breathable, plantable, and avoids root bound.

How to plant with biodegradable pots

- In terms of potting methods, biodegradable pots are similar to nursery pots. However, you may need to water the plant more often due to the personality of biodegradable material. It dries faster and allows roots to breathe. In addition, try to hold the body and the bottom rather than the edge of the pot when you need to move it to prevent it from tearing.

- We created the organic soil ingredient specific for biodegradable pots, which provides comfortable and nutritious living homes for plants. Watering your plants 1-2 times a week or when the soil is completely dry makes your plants happy.

How long does a biodegradable pot last?

- It can last about 12-24 months when used as an indoor plant pot and will be degraded in less than 6 months when composed. The pots will decayed gradually after 12 months.

How to water the plants in biodegradable pots?

- Step 1: Check the soil. Most of the plants benefit from a complete dry out between watering, while some water-lovers may require a revelantly moistured soil.

- Step 2: Gently take remove the outer pot. We provide an outer sleeve pot for every plant in a biodegradable pot to make it easier to handle.

- Step 3: take the plants to the sink. Run water slowly and evenly all the way around the pot until there’s water coming out from the drainage holes. Repeat 1-2 times to make sure the soil is completely saturated.

- Step 4: Drain out any excess water and return the plant to the outer pot at its original spot.


Ti Tree


How often to water the plants

- There is no fixed water schedule. The biodegradable pots dry out faster than traditional nursery pots. Roughly speaking, a 4 inches plant may need to be 1 to 2 times a week, and a 6 inches plant possibly need to be watered every 7-10 day. However, your home environment will affect the metabolism of the plants. Check the soil 1-2 times weekly to know your plant’s needs.

Does bottom watering work for a biodegradable pot?

- The short answer is Yes! However, the pot will absorb water and become sougy. The pot will return to its original when dried.

How to repot

- If you are sizing up the pot, simply plant the whole thing in the new pot. There is no need to remove the biodegradable since it will degrade eventually. If you are transferring the plant to a decorative or clay pot of a similar size, you can either trim the edge or remove the original biodegradable pot. Check out the soil page for detailed repotting instructions.

Some common issues

- The biodegradable pot will be wet in some degree when during water. It is normal.

- Molding may happen in some curtain conditions. Tea tree oil, neam oil or white vinegar can be used to remove molds. To prevent molding, place pot in a ventilated place. .

- The biodegradable pot is tearable. Make sure you handle them with care.