Our Soil Formula

Our soils are formulated especially for successful house planting. The peat-free airy blend distributes natural nutrients, optimizes drainage, and prevents fungus gnats. We adjust the ratio accordingly based on the kind of plant and the material of the pot.

- Ingredients:

coco coir, pumice, activated charcoal, worm casting, orchid bark, sand, mosquito bits.

- You will get:

Leca (a light barrel preventing soil from leaking)

Ti Tree formulated organic soil

- How to choose "Soil Size" in product page, according to Planter materials:

Glazed clay pot/ nursery pot: These pots are good at remaining moisture. A relevantly chunky & airy soil blend helps airflow in root systems and supports plant health.

Unglazed clay pot: The material's porous nature allows water and air to go through smoothly, so it requires a certain portion of moisture retainer in the soil.

Biodegradable pot: Biodegradable pots are made of natural materials which can be fully composted. They dry out fast and allow roots to breathe. A soil formula containing a relevantly great amount of moisture retainer is required when it goes with biodegradable pots.

- Repot you plant:


1, Remove the plant from its current pot. Squeeze or tab the pot and turn it sideways. Holding the stems and gently jiggling the plant until it slides out. Lose the roots gently using fingertips and shake off some old soils.

2, Lay a layer of leca on the bottom of the new pot

3, Fill up a pot with new soil to ⅓ - ½ depth

4, Place the plant in the middle of the pot and hold it with one hand. Fill up the soil. Meanwhile, gently but firmly press down to remove any air bubbles in the soil.

5, Water the plant thoroughly, trim as needed, and put it back to its original spot.