About us


Ti Tree is an experimental plant shop echoing the chord from nature.

Our relationship between plants deepened due to the global pandemic.

The world winded down, and we heard the rhythm ♪ of plants playing.

It’s along with the swinging stems;

It’s in the space filled with vitality;

It’s at the moment that new growth is coming out.

Like leaves chasing light, we aspire toward serene music.

We intend to make planting easy and thriving so everyone can soak in the beauty and delight plants bring.

Meet the creators, Keya & Trizia

When the life paths of an engineer/blogger and a cake artist crossed, visionary sparkles burst.

After years of exploring, learning about, and attaching with plants, the two artful souls got the idea to present a way of living fused with botanical creatures.

It’s a flavourful chapter in our life journey. Starting with multifold experiments and studies, from the website to the greenhouse, we crafted every bit of Ti Tree from scratch.

We walked through a splendid meadow and left a trail. Welcome, to walk along with us to unfold the natural lifestyle, to nourish loving souls.

"When my fingertips are kneading a leaf, I'm also touching my human feelings, "----Trizia.

"They take me to another universe, and smooth the ebb and flow of my life, "----Keya

Our Product

- Embellishing

Every single plant is unique on its own. We seek their personalities, highlight them, and present them to you.

- Ease of care

After establishing solid roots in our greenhouse, all plants are home-ready with our airy & nutritious soil recipe.

- Going green

From soil to packing, we willfully select earth-conscious materials to minimize the burden we leave on Mother Nature.